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All starters are served with Mint or Tamarind chutney

Spicy & crispy lentil cracker 2.00

Vegetable Samosa (2pcs)
Crispy pastry filled with seasoned potatoes, peas and a dash of Indian spices 3.95

Beef Samosa (2pcs)
Crispy pastry seasoned and filled with beef, potatoes, and peas. 5.25

Onion Bhaji
Onion fried battered in graham flour & herbs 4.95

Vegetable Pakora
Fresh vegetables delicately spiced & fried 4.95

Dahi Kebab
Stuffed & lightly fried yogurt & cheese 6.25

Paneer Pakora
Fresh cottage cheese filled w/ special herbs & tamarind sauce 8.25

Chicken Pakora
Savoury chicken pieces marinated in ginger, garlic & Indian spices 8.25

Fish Pakora
Cod fish delicately battered with graham flour & spices. 8.25

Chilly Kebab
Tender pieces of lamb blended w/ spices & sautéed w/ fresh onion & bell peppers. 10.95

Spice Magic Veg Platter
Vegetable Samosa, Paneer & Veg Pakora with Dahi Kebab & Onion Bhaji 9.95

Spice Magic Non-Veg Platter
Beef Samosa, Chicken, Fish & Prawn Pakora 12.95

Soups & Salads

Tomato Soup
Delicious fresh tomato soup w/ spices & herbs 5.95

Indian Salad
Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, daikon, onions and fresh lemon. 7.95

Kachumber Salad
Lettuce, cucumber, bell peppers & tomatoes lightly seasoned & w/ oil and lemon juice. 7.95

Rice-Biryani, Naan Breads


Basmati Rice
Steamed Indian basmati rice 3.00

Mushroom Pulao
Flavoured basmati rice cooked w/ mushrooms 6.25

Peas Pulao
Basmati rice cooked w/ green peas, cumin seeds & caramelized onions. 5.95

Saffron Rice
Basmati rice cook w/ saffron 5.95

Brown Rice
Brown Basmati rice. 5.25


Fragrant long-grained rice is layered with meat or vegetables that been cooked in a mixture of spices & herbs and served with raita Vegetables 11.95

  • Chicken 12.95
  • Beef 13.95
  • Lamb 13.95
  • Shrimp 14.95

Chef’s Special Awadhi Biryani
Fresh seasoned vegetables with pineapple, cashews and fragrance of saffron 14.95

Tandoori Indian bread

Whole wheat bread baked in tandoor oven 1.95

White leavened bread baked in the tandoor oven 2.00

Garlic Naan
Flavored w/ garlic and cilantro 2.50

Plain Parantha
Multi-layered whole wheat bread brushed with butter. 3.25

Lachedar Mint Parantha
Multi-layered whole wheat bread w/ mint 3.95

Potato Naan
Stuffed w/ potatoes & spices 3.95

Spinach Naan
Stuffed w/ spinach and cottage cheese 4.50

Peshwari Naan
Leavened bread stuffed w/ raisins, cashews & pistachios 4.50

Keema or Chicken Naan
Leavened bread stuffed with minced lamb or chicken 5.25

Vegetable Specialties

Mushroom Masala
Mushrooms cooked in a thick tomato and onion sauce 11.95

Bhindi Do Pyaza
Fresh okra cooked sautéed with onions, ginger, tomatoes, herbs and spices 11.95

Vegetable Korma
Seasoned fresh mixed vegetables cooked in creamy sauce 12.95

Shahi Paneer
Homemade cheese cooked with tomatoes and onion based cream sauce 12.95

Dal Tadka
Black lentils & red kidney beans simmered with tomatoes, garlic and spices 10.95

Malai Kofta
Cottage cheese and vegetables dumplings cooked in tomato, onion & finish in creamy sauce 12.95

Aloo Gobi
Fresh cauliflower & potato dry cooked w/ ginger, freshly ground spices 11.95

Eggplant Bharta
Eggplant roasted, mashed, sautéed with onions and tomatoes seasoned with herbs 12.95

Aloo Palak
Potatoes cooked with fresh creamed spinach & seasoned with aromatic herbs 11.95

Palak Paneer
Home-made cottage cheese cooked w/ fresh spinach, cream & spices to perfection in a creamy sauce 12.95

Mixed Vegetables
Fresh vegetables cooked w/ spices & fresh herbs 12.95

Channa Masala
Chickpeas cooked in tomatoes, spices & herbs to perfection. 10.95

Mix Vegetable Jalfrazie
Mixed vegetables cooked with onions, green peppers, ginger, garlic and a dash of vinegar. 12.95

Mushroom Muttar
Mushroom and green peas cooked in onion and tomato sauce with fresh garlic and ginger. 11.95

Paneer Karahi
Fresh cottage cheese cooked with fresh tomato, onion and green peppers, in flavourful thick curry sauce 12.95

Paneer Chilly
Cottage cheese cooked with onion and bell pepper in a tangy sweet spicy sauce. 12.95

Aloo Jeera
Potatoes and cumin seeds with a hint of fenugreek leaves 10.95

Mughlai Paneer
Cottage cheese cooked in rich creamy sauce & finished with a hint of saffron 12.95

Dal Bukhara
Slowly cooked creamy lentils with a mellow, yet with a little kick of spice 11.95

Paneer Masala
Cottage cheese cooked in perfect blend of spice & creamy sauce 12.95

Paneer Makhani
Cottage cheese cooked in a rich tomato and creamy sauce 12.95

Muttar Paneer
Homemade cottage cheese and green peas simmered in curry to perfection 12.95

Non-Veg Specialties


Traditional Indian dish seasoned with exotic blend of curry spices, onion, tomato, garlic & ginger

  • Chicken : 11.95
  • Beef : 12.95
  • Lamb : 13.95
  • Fish : 13.95
  • Prawn : 14.95
  • Goat : 14.95


Choice of meat with fresh ground spices, mixed vegetables & seasoned perfectly

  • Chicken : 12.95
  • Beef : 12.95
  • Lamb : 13.95
  • Prawn : 14.95


Cooked with potatoes and touch of vinegar & coconut in a tangy sauce

  • Chicken : 12.95
  • Beef : 13.95
  • Lamb : 13.95
  • Fish : 13.95
  • Prawn : 14.95


Cooked in a rich yogurt and cashew gravy

  • Chicken : 12.95
  • Beef : 12.95
  • Lamb : 13.95
  • Fish : 13.95
  • Prawn : 14.95

Rogan Josh

Cooked with yogurt, spices and tomato gravy

  • Chicken : 12.95
  • Beef : 12.95
  • Lamb : 13.95
  • Fish : 13.95
  • Prawn : 14.95


Creamy spinach made with the right balance of tomato, onion, garlic, ginger & spices

  • Chicken : 12.95
  • Beef : 12.95
  • Lamb : 13.95
  • Fish : 13.95
  • Prawn : 14.95


Cooked with fresh tomato, onion and green peppers, in flavorful thick curry sauce

  • Chicken : 12.95
  • Lamb : 13.95
  • Goat : 14.95
  • Beef : 13.95

Chicken Specialties

Butter Chicken
Boneless chicken cooked in tomato creamy sauce 12.95

Chicken Tikka Masala
Marinated boneless chicken breast baked in tandoori oven, then cooked with bell pepper, onion, garlic, tomatoes & touch of cream & spices 13.95

Chilly Chicken
Boneless chicken sautéed w/ green peppers, onions & tomato sauce 12.95

Goat, Fish & Prawns Specialties

Goat Achaari
Cooked with pickle spices, fresh coriander & onion seeds 13.95

Fish Kerla
Fish tempered with curry leaves cooked in coconut milk (Specialty of Kerala) 13.95

Chilly Fish
Cod fish cooked with green & red peppers. 13.95

Tandoori Specialties

Tandoori Chicken
Chicken on bone, marinated in yogurt, ginger and touch of vinegar.

  • Half 10.95
  • Full 16.95

Paneer Tikka
Cottage cheese and fresh bell peppers marinated in yogurt, ginger, onion, garlic & spices 12.95

Chicken Tikka
Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and exotic spices. 12.95

Malai Chicken Tikka
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated with cream, cheese and mild masala 12.95

Achari Chicken Tikka
Boneless pieces of fresh chicken, marinated in fennel, onion seeds, turmeric, yogurt, mustard oil and fresh herbs. 12.95

Lamb Seekh Kebab
Tender rolls of minced lamb mixed with royal spices. 13.95

Fish Tikka
Cod marinated in homemade yogurt and garlic. 14.95

Lamb Tikka
Boneless, marinated pieces of leg lamb with fresh herbs. 15.95

Tandoori Prawns
Eight marinated jumbo prawns, barbequed with exotic spices. 15.95

Tandoori Salmon
Salmon marinated and cooked to perfection in clay oven. 19.95

Spice Magic Mixed Grill
Marinated pieces of Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Prawns, Lamb Tikka and Fish Tikka. 27.00

Desserts & Add-ons


Homemade Indian ice cream w/ touch of pistachio 3.95

Gulab Jamun
dumplings lightly fried golden brown & served in sugar syrup 3.95

Rice Pudding
Rice and milk simmered to perfection w/ saffron, cardamom & nuts 3.95

Ras Malai
Curdled milk balls cooked in sweet milk w/ saffron & pistachio flavour 3.95

Tutti Frutti
Delightful combination of exotic flavours & colours w/ vanilla ice cream, fruits & nuts 5.25

Mango Ice Cream
Delicious homemade mango flavoured Ice cream 5.25

Gulabo Ice Cream
Homemade creamy and rich rose flavoured Ice cream 5.25

Pistachio Ice Cream
Homemade pistachio flavoured ice cream. 5.25

Coconut Ice Cream
Homemade coconut flavoured ice cream. 5.25


Coffee 1.95

Masala Chai 2.50

Assorted Tea 2.50

Bottled Water 2.25

Juice 2.25

Soft Drinks 2.25

Jal-Jeera (Indian lemonade) 3.25

Salted Lassi
Yogurt salted with crushed cumin seed 3.25

Sweet Lassi
Yogurt flavoured with rose water 3.25

Mango Milkshake
Smooth shake w/ sweet mango & ice cream 3.95

Mango Lassi
Sweet mango blended with yogurt & touch of rose water 3.95


Plain yogurt 3.00

Grated cucumbers & carrots mixed with delicately flavoured yogurt 3.25

Mixed Pickle
Mango, carrots, lemons & chilly’s roasted and blended together 1.75

Mango Chutney
Sweet and sour mango sauce 1.75

Green Mint
Blend of cilantro & mint leaves, combined with onion, green chilli 1.75

Tamarind Sauce
Delicious sweet & sour blend of flavours driven from tamarind 1.75

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