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House Pickle 5
assorted seasonal vegetables

Gyoza 5.5
5pcs, dumpling, pork

Agedashi Tofu 6
tempura dashi soy, negi, daikon
or spicy version for additional 50 cents

Kanisake Bites 6
8pcs, salmon, imitation crab, teriyaki sauce

Tuna Karage 6
5pcs, Thai chili sauce

Pita Crisps 6
seasoned with dry seaweed, salt, fish flakes, sesame

Snap Pea 7
wok fried snap pea with garlic chip

Seafood Popcorn 8
assorted seafood, hint of spicy

Spot Prawn Ceviche 8
lime pulp, bell pepper, jalapeño, mint

Ebi Mayo 10
panko fried shrimp, served with yuzumayo
and chili mayo

Seared Albacore 10
garlic chips, tosazu, onion, chili sesame oil

Seared Sockeye 10
radish salsa, bacon bits, garlic chips, shiso olive oil

Beef Tataki 10
seared tenderloin,negi, tosazu, daikon, garlic chip

Daily Crudo 12
shiso olive oil, radish, greens, capers, tobiko

Sea Scallop 12
pan-seared, garlic butter ponzu

Alaskan King Crab 15
the king of crab, butter, ponzu

Appetizer Sampler(S) 15
4 kinds of appies to share, for 1-2 people

Appetizer Sampler(L) 25
7 kinds of appies to share, for 2-4 people


Miso 2
tofu, negi

Spicy Miso 3
Jalapeño, negi, crab

Sunomono 4
veggie, ebi, tako, or seafood


Veggie Tempura 8
6 pcs of assorted vegetable

Prawn Tempura 10
6 pcs of black tiger prawn

Assorted Tempura 13
3 prawns, 6 assorted vegetables

Bluetail Tempura 15
1 lobster meat, 3 prawns, 6 assorted vegetables

Asparagus 4
3 pcs

Avocado 5
4 pcs

Lobster 7
a whole lobster tail

Alaskan King Crab 15
the king of crab


Brussel Sprouts 5.5
marinated brussel sprouts

Wakame 6
seasoned seaweed

Edamame 6
steamed soy beans, sea salt, himalayan pink
salt, hawaiian lava salt

Goma-ae 6
spinach, sesame dressing

Kale Goma-ae 6.5
kale, sesame dressing

Field Green 9
Bluetail dressing

Sashimi Salad 13
assorted raw fish, mixed green, sesame dressing

Tataki Salad 14
seared albacore tuna, avocado, sesame dressing


Kappa, Tekka, Sake 3
cucumber, tuna or salmon

Negitoro 3.5
negi, tuna belly

Smoked salmon 4
smoked salmon

California Roll 5
crab, avo, mayo, cucumber, sesame

Black California Roll 5.5
crab, avo, mayo, cucumber, sesame, black sesame rice

Crimson California Roll 5.5
crab, avo, mayo, cucumber, sesame, red
wine vineger rice, balsamic vinegar sauce

Cheesy California Roll 6.5
crab, avo, mayo, cucumber, sesame, cream cheese

Smokey California Roll 7.5
crab, avo, mayo, cucumber, sesame, baked
smoked salmon on top

Deep-fried California Roll 7.5
spicy, cheesy or mild

Real-crab California Roll 7.5
real crab, avo, cucumber, sesame

Yam roll 5
avo, yam

Avocado Roll 5.5

Tropical 5.5
avo, mango

Veggie Roll 5.5
asparagus, avo, cucumber, paprika, mango

Tofumite Roll 5.5
crispy tofu, cucumber, grilled portobello
mushroom, avocado

Rabbit’s Roll 6
fried brocollini, carot, avo

Dynamite Roll 5.5
crab, avo, mayo, cucumber, sesame, deepfried prawn, masago

Spicy Tuna(Salmon) Roll 5.5
negi, cucum, sesame

Salmon(Tuna) Avo Roll 5.5
salmon(tuna), avo

BC Roll 5.5
crab, crispy salmon skin, masago, sesame,
unagi sauce

Chicken Teriyaki Roll 5.5
crispy chicken

Beef Teriyaki Roll 5.5
grilled beef

Chop Scallop Roll 6
mayo, tobiko, scallop, cucumber

Bacon Asparagus Roll 6.5
bacon, asparagus, kale

House Roll 6.5
crab,sockeye salmon, avo, tuna, tobiko,
cucumber, smoked salmon

Unagi Roll 7
eel, crab, cucumber

Alaska Roll 8
crab, avo, cucumber, steamed shrimp, seared
salmon on top

Rock And Roll 8
crab, avo, cucumber, steamed shrimp, seared
salmon on top

Philadelpia Roll 8
crab, cream cheese, avo, seared salmon


Spider Roll 10
soft shell crab, crab stick, avocado, cucumber, masago

Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice 10
grilled rice box with tuna tartare

Creamy Crunchy Tuna(Salmon) Roll 10
cream cheese, deep-fried, spicy crunchy

White Mt.(Red Mt.) Roll 10
crab, avo, cu, d-fried shrimp, sweet potato(yam)
on top, unagi(spicy mayo) sauce

Rainbow Roll 10
crab, avo, cu, assorted fish on top with tobiko

V-Rainbow Roll 10
avo, cu, assorted vege on top

Green Dragon Roll 10
salmon tempura, cu, avo on top, unagi sauce

Belly Dance Roll 12
pork belly, torched tuna belly, negi, cu, miso
mayo, spicy mayo, bacon bits

Cobra Roll 12
crunchy tofu, asparagus, cucumber, inari(bean
curd) on top

Red dragon 12
crab, avo, cu, d-fried shrimp, spicy crunchy tuna
on top, unagi sauce

Unagi Dragon 12
crab, avo, cu, d-fried shrimp, grilled unagi and
tobiko on top, unagi sauce

God Father Roll 12
avo, cream cheese, mango, prossciuto, caper

Godzilla Roll 12
crab, avo, cu, d-fried shrimp, threaded yam fries on top

Perogy Roll 12
sweet potato, cream cheese, yuzu sour dressing,
bacon bits

Double Tuna Roll 13
cu, negi, albacore tuna inside, bigeye tuna on top,
hot lava sauce

Volcano Roll 13
baked roll, hot lava sauce, scallop, sockeye salmon

Red Tango Roll 14
cream cheese, baked sockeye on top, basil pesto

Super Supper Roll 15
beet, asparagus, avo rolled with black rice. toastes
almond, chia, alfalfa on top

Protein Roll 15
30 g of protein in one roll, soybean paper

Real-king-crab California Roll 16
alaska king crab meat, avo, sesame

Hi Steak Roll 17
asparagus, bacon, topped with tenderloin steak.
red wine sauce

Shrimp King 18
crab stick, avo, cucumber, d-fried roll, topped with
grilled black tiger shrimp

Lobster Roll 18
d-fried lobster, scallop, mayo, tobiko, sockeye salmon


Two pieces per order.

Albacore Tuna, Atlantic Salmon 4.5
Sockeye Salmon, White Tuna,

Toro (Tuna belly), Ebi(shrimp) 5

Big Eye Tuna 6

Inari/Tamago 3.5

Saba(mackerel) / Ika(Squid)
/ Tai(Red snapper) 4.5

Masago(Smelt Roe)/Tako(Octopus) 5

Tobiko(Flying Fish Roe)/Unagi(Eel) 5

Scallop(mayo, tobiko),
Hotate(Giant Scallop) 5

Ikura(Salmon Roe)
/ Amaebi(Spot Prawn) 5.5

Hamachi(Yellowtail) 5.5

Seared Ebi 6
basil pesto

Seared Salmon 5.5
spicy ailoli

Seared Tuna 5.5
spicy ailoli

Seared Hamachi 6.5
momiji oroshi


Salmon 12
6 pcs

Sockeye Salmon 13
6 pcs

Tuna 12
6 pcs

Big Eye Tuna 15
6 pcs

Hamachi 15
6 pcs

Sashimi Platter 16/32/48


comes with a bowl of rice

Vege 12
tofu, portobello mushroom, asparagus,

Chicken 13
crispy chicken

Beef 14
AAA tenderloin

Salmon 15
atlantic or sockeye salmon

a rice bowl in Hawaiian cuisine, served with a variety of greens

Green – sautéed 13
mushroom, zucchini slaw

Salmon(Tuna) 14

Assorted Seafood 15

Yakisoba 12
chicken, beef, or seafood(extra $2)

Soba Peperoncino 15
stir-fried noodle, paprika, jalapeno, onion,
garlic chip, bock choy, squid, shrimp

Kakuni Pork 18
Soy-braised pork belly

Miso Black Cod 22
grilled, saikyo miso marinated

Surf and Turf 30
grilled salmon, scallop, lobster, tenderloin all
in one plate


Chicken or Beef 12
miso, tempura, daily salad

Lunch Roll Combination 13
a choice of 2 rolls from the basic maki section

Sushi Burrito 12
a choice of salmon, tuna, or shrimp

Salmon or Black Cod 14
miso, tempura, daily salad

Sashimi 16
assorted sashimi, comes with salad and crab rice

Nigiri Tiles 15
7pcs, assorted fish on rice, comes with salad and
crab rice

Fish & Chips 13
8 pcs of seafood tempura, threaded yam fries


Sashimi Combo Dinner 21
assorted sashimi, 4 pcs tempura, miso,
sunomono salad

Chichken Teriyaki Combo Dinner 18
chicken teriyaki, 4 pcs tempura, miso, sunomono

Beef Teriyaki Combo Dinner 19
beef teriyaki, 4 pcs tempura, miso, sunomono salad

Sushi Combo 20
dynamite roll, 5 pcs nigiri, 4 pcs tempura, miso,
sunomono salad

Sushi and Sashimi Combo 24
assorted sashimi, 4 pcs nigiri, 4 pcs tempura,
miso, sunomono salad

Love Boat 42
gyoza, cali roll, 6 pcs nigiri, assorted sashimi, 8 pcs
tempura, miso, sunomono salad

Viking’s Feast 75
gyoza, 12 pcs tempura, cali roll, dynamite roll, 9 pcs
nigiri, assorted sashimi, chicken and beef teriyaki

Budda’s Favorite 27
Cobra, Avo, Vegi, Tofumite

Dragon’s Lair 31
Green Dragon, Red Dragon, Unagi Dragon

Fear Factor 38
Spider, Godzilla, Cobra, Dynamite

Ring of Fire 35
Spicy Salmon, Red Dragon, Deepfried Cali(spicy),
Tiger Roll

Shrimp Master 31
EbiEbi, Shrimp King, Alaska


Ice cream 3.5
green tea or vanilla

Affogato 5
vanilla ice cream, espresso

Cheesecake 5.5
you wouldn’t know it’s made out of tofu unless told

Deepfried Ice cream 6
green tea or vanilla

– 3 years –

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