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Vegetable Samosas$4.95
Two savoury triangular pastries filled with spiced potatoes & peas. Served with tamarind chutney.

Vegetable Pakora$6.95
Deep fried mixed vegetable fritters.

Paneer Fingers$6.95
Deep fried Indian cheese fritters.

Chicken Pakora$7.95
Chicken breast coated in chickpea batter & deep fried.

Butter Chicken Poutine$10.95
Creamy butter chicken served on top of hot French fries & melting cheese.

Onion Bhaji$5.95
Onion coated in chickpea batter & deep fried.

Crispy Cauliflower Bites$6.95
Deep fried battered cauliflower, tossed in sweet chilli sauce, served with sour cream and cilantro. Sesame seeds toping.

Chicken Samosas$6.95
Two savoury triangular pastries flled with spiced potatoes, peas & chicken. Served with mint chutney.

Fish Pakora$8.95
Traditional fried fish coated in chickpea our, rice our & cornstarch.

Calamari deep fried and served with tarter sauce

Spring Roll$6.95
Roll of thin pastry, filed with vegetables.

Fish & Chips$10.95
A mouth watering filet of cod, fried in crispy golden batter and served with fries

Crisp fried dough wafers mixed with chickpeas & potatoes, dipped in yogurt & chutney.

Sharing Plates

Samosas, pakora, spring roll & paneer fingers served with mint & tamarind chutney.

Tandoori chicken, sa ron chicken tikka. Lamb tikka & green chicken tikka, & garlic chicken tikka served with mint chutney.

Two pieces of each: Tandoori Chicken, Garlic Chicken Tikka, Sa ron Chicken Tikka, green chicken tikka sh, and prawns, all barbecued in our clay oven and served with mint chutney.


Caesar salad Starter Size $7.00/ Entree Size $9.95
Romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing & crunchy croutons. Sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan.

Greek salad Starter Size $7.00/ Entree Size $9.95
Diced tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, red onion, pepper olives & Greek dressing.

Garden salad Starter Size $7.00/ Entree Size $9.95
Freshly cut romaine, diced cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, onion, with lemonade dressing

Indian salad Starter Size $7.00/ Entree Size $9.95
Freshly sliced carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers & onions.

Chicken Tikka Salad Starter Size $7.00/ Entree Size $9.95
Tangy grilled chicken atop a bed of greens mixed with onions, mint sprigs, and lime. Includes a zesty Indian-style salad dressing.


Tomato Soup$5.00

Cream Of Chicken Soup$5.00

Lentil Soup$5.00

Shrimp, chicken, vegetables & Indian spices.

Kids Specialities

French fries served with ketchup.

Chicken wings marinated in traditional spices & corn starch

Flatbread Butter Chicken$7.95
Thin crust flat bread (naan) layered with cheese & butter chicken.

Sweet Potato Fries$5.95
Sweet potato fries served with ketchup.

Flatbread Chicken Tikka Masala$7.95
Thin crust flat bread (naan) layered with cheese & chicken tikka masala.

Tandoori Breads

Plain naan$2.00

Garlic naan$3.00

Round, crispy flatbread made with layers of whole wheat flour & cooked with mint.
Tandoori roti$2.00

Butter Naan$3.00

Lachha Paratha$2.95
Round, crispy atbread made with layers of whole wheat our.

Tandoori Stuffed Breads

Cheese & Spinach Naan$4.95
Bread stuffed with chopped spinach, cheese & grated Indian cheese.

Peshawari naan$4.95
Leavened bread stuffed with shredded coconut, raisins & cashews.

Chicken & Cheese Naan$5.00
Leavened bread stuffed with chicken & cheese

Aloo naan$4.95
Leavened bread stuffed with potatoes & cilantro

Aloo parantha$5.00
Whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes and authentic spices

Chicken Tikka Naan$5.00
Leavened stued with spiced chopped chicken tikka and cilantro

Tandoori Sizzlers

Garlic Chicken Tikka$15.95
Chicken breast marinated in garlic & exotic Indian spices.

Saffron Chicken Tikka$15.95
Chicken breast marinated with cream cheese, saron & exotic Indian spices.

Tandoori Chicken$15.95
Chicken marinated with yogurt & exotic Indian spices.

Green Chicken Tikka$15.95
Chicken breast marinated with fresh cilantro, mint & exotic Indian spices.

Lamb Tikka$17.95
Lamb marinated in exotic Indian spices.

Kasoori Paneer Tikka$14.95
Indian cheese marinated in yogurt, fenugreek leaves & spices. barbecued in our Indian clay oven & served with salad.

Tandoori Fish Tikka$16.95
Basa sh marinated with ginger, garlic & exotic Indian spices.

Tandoori Prawns$16.95
Tiger prawns marinated with exotic Indian spices.

Vegetarian Specialties

Aloo gobhi$14.95
Fresh cauliflower & potatoes cooked with onions, tomatoes & spices

Baingan Bharta$14.95
Mashed eggplant cooked with onion & spices.

Mixed Vegetables$14.95
Seasonal fresh vegetables cooked in exotic Indian spices.

Chana masala$14.95
Chick peas cooked with tomatoes,ginger,onions & garnished with fresh cilantro

Matar mushroom$14.95
Fresh mushroom & green pees cooked in a fine onion & tomato sauce with garlic & ginger

Vegetable Mango Curry$14.95
Fresh vegetables cooked in mango sauce & exotic spices.

Green Vegetable Curry$14.95
Seasonal vegetables cooked with a fine paste of broccoli, mint, spinach, cilantro, green pepper & herbs.

Dal makhani$14.95
Lentils cooked in garlic onions aromatic spices & tempered with butter

Dal fry$13.95
Yellow lentils cooked with butter,garlic, onions & whole spices.

Malai kofta$14.95
Grated indian cheese dumplings cooked in creamy onion sauce

Veg Jalfrezi$14.95
Mixed veggies cooked with onions, green peppers, ginger, garlic & dash of vinegar

Vegetable coconut curry$14.95
Fresh vegetable cooked in coconut cream and royal spices

Bhindi Masala$14.95
Masala okra cooked with onions,tomatoes and tangy spices

Vegetable Korma$14.95
Mixed vegetables delicately cooked in a seasoned, creamy sauce with onion & cashews.

Paneer Specialties

Fresh Indian cheese made with milk curds. Similar to cottage cheese.

Palak paneer$14.95
Chopped spinach cooked delicately in ginger, garlic & onions mixed with pieces of indian cheese

Kadai paneer$14.95
Indian cheese cooked with freshly sliced peppers, onions & exotic spices.

Matar paneer$14.95
Tender cubes of Indian cheese cooked with green peas in an onion & tomato sauce with exotic spices.

Shahi paneer$14.95
Diced Indian cheese cooked in a thick sauce of onions, nuts & cream with a hint of fenugreek leaves.

Paneer Makhani$14.95
Indian cheese simmered in a tomato & butter gravy, topped with cream..

Chicken Specialties

Chicken tikka masala (CTM)$15.95
Boneless pieces of chicken breast barbequed & simmered in a thick gravy with onions fresh tomatoes & herbs finished with fresh ginger & cilantro

Butter chicken$15.95
Boneless chicken breast marinated in ginger & garlic cooked in a special butter tomato sauce

Kadai chicken$15.95
Boneless pieces of chicken breast cooked with green chillies,tomatoes,green peppers,onions & ginger tempered with coriander seeds

Curry chicken$15.95
Boneless chicken breast pieces cooked in onion tomato sauce with ground spices

Palak chicken$15.95
Boneless chicken breast cooked with chopped spinach and freshly ground spices

Chilli Chicken$15.95
Chicken breast cooked with bell peppers onion & exotic Indian spices.

Chicken Saffron Curry$15.95
Boneless pieces of chicken breast delicately cooked in a creamy saffron sauce with onion & exotic spices.

Chicken vindaloo$15.95
Boneless pieces of chicken breast cooked in a tangy sauce with potatoes,vinegar a speciality of Goa

Coconut chicken$15.95
Boneless chicken breast cooked in a coconut cream & royal spices

Chicken shahi korma$15.95
Boneless pieces of chicken breast delicately cooked in a seasoned cream sauce with onions and ground cashew nuts

Chicken mango curry$15.95
Cooked in mango sauce and herbs with broccoli and mild spice.

Green chicken curry$15.95
Cooked with cashew nut, mint, spinach, cilantro, green peppers & herbs.

Chicken Madras Curry$15.95
Chicken Pieces Cooked in Onion, Tomato, Coconut Sauce and Spices. Tempered with mustard seeds.

Lamb Specialties

Lamb curry$16.95
Lamb cooked in an onion & tomato sauce with authentic spices.

Lamb vindaloo$16.95
Boneless lamb simmered in a tangy curry sauce with potatoes & rare spices. Our famous,fiery Goan speciality.

Palak gosht$16.95
Boneless lamb cooked with blanched spinach & Indian spices in an onion & tomato sauce.

Lamb rogan josh$16.95
Boneless lamb cooked in onion, ginger & garlic. A signature recipe of Kashmiri cuisine.

Coconut lamb$16.95
Boneless lamb cooked in a coconut cream sauce with Indian spices.

Lamb korma$16.95
Boneless lamb cooked delicately in a seasoned sauce made with cashews, onions, tomatoes & cream.

Lamb mango curry$16.95
Lamb cooked in mango sauce & herbs with broccoli & mild spices.

Green lamb curry$16.95
Lamb cooked with mint, spinach, green peppers, cilantro & herbs.

Seafood Specialties

Prawn masala$17.95
Prawns cooked with fresh tomato, bell peppers & onions in a mildly spiced gravy.

Coconut prawn$17.95
Prawns cooked with royal spices in a coconut cream sauce.

Prawn korma$17.95
Prawns delicately cooked in a sauce seasoned with onions, cashews & cream.

Prawn curry$17.95
Prawns cooked in an onion & tomato sauce with ground spices.

Fish curry$17.95
Prawns cooked in an onion & tomato sauce with ground spices.

Fish vindaloo$17.95
Basa cooked with potatoes in a tangy sauce with coconut & vinegar.

Fish masala$17.95
Basa cooked with fresh onions & bell pepper in a thick gravy.

Biryanis Rice Specialties

Basmati rice traditionally cooked on low heat with a mix of exotic spices, onions, saron, rose water, fresh mint & your choice of vegetable, meat or seafood.

Vegetable biryani$13.95

Prawn biryani$15.95

Lamb biryani$15.95

Chicken biryani$14.95

Namaste special biryani$16.95
Fresh vegetables, lamb, chicken & prawns.

Side Dishes

Zeera rice$4.95
Basmati rice tempered with butter & cumin seeds

Saffron Rice$4.95
Basmati rice cooked with fried onions & saffron.

Steamed rice$3.00

Peas pulao$4.95
Basmati rice tempered with fried onions & green peas.

Coconut Rice$4.95
Basmati rice cooked with coconut milk & crushed coconut with curry leaves.


Gulab Jamun$5.00
Deep fried milk solids, served in a warm sugar syrup.

Homemade rich cheese served in milky cream.

Carrot Halwa$5.00
Made from fresh carrots & cream. Served hot.

Rice Pudding$5.00
Homemade rice pudding served with sliced almonds on top

Ice cream$5.00
Mango, strawberry, vanilla or chocolate.



Mixed pickles$2.95


Mango chutney$1.95

Mint chutney$1.95

Tamarind Chutney$1.95

Add Chicken$2.95

Add Lamb$3.50

Add Prawns$4.95

Add Steamed Vegetables$4.95

Side Of Red Onions$2.95

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