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Appetizer 前菜

Edamame 5.00

Steamed soy bean with salt

Agedashi Tofu 6.00

Deep-fried tofu with bonito flakes in tempura sauce

Veggie Gyoza 5.00

4 pcs pan-fried vegetable dumpling

Chicken Katsu 8.00

Deep-fried chicken strips with dipping sauce

Oyster Ponzu 7.50

Deep-fried oyster with green onion sever with ponzu sauce

Hamachi Kama 10.95

Grilled Yellowtail’s cheek

Yam Tempura (6 pcs) 7.50

Vegetable Tempura (8 pcs) 8.00

Prawn Tempura 8.50

Chicken Karaage 7.50

Deep-fried sesame chicken wings

Assorted Tempura 7.50

2 pcs prawn, 5 pcs veggies

Hokke Hiraki 11.95

Frilled and salted Atka mackerel with ponzu sauce (caution: fish bone).

Okonomiyaki 8.00

Japanese pancake with fish flake and mayo on top.

BBQ Squid 11.50

Whole squid with teriyaki sauce.

Veggie Spring Roll 6.00

Deep fired spring roll filled with cream cheese, meat, and vegetables.

BBQ Beef Rib 9.50

Itami Monkeys 9.00

Spicy tuna, imitation crab, and avocado sauce.

Sps Motoyaki (2 pcs) 8.95

Scallops, prawn, and spinach baked with creamy sauce.

Takoyaki (6 pcs) 7.50

Deep-fried Croquette (4 pcs) $5.00

Pumpkin and corn.

Canadian Beef Roll 11.95

A roll of beef filled with asparagus, green beans, and mushrooms.

Black Cod 10.50

Grilled black cod marinated in sweet miso

Beef Tataki 11.50

Seared beef with green onion and ponzu sauce

Stir-Fried Seafood and Veggie 12.95

Asparagus, squid, mushroom, carrots, and green beans.

Pork Gyoza 6.00

4 pcs pan-fried pork and vegetables dumplings

Oyster Motoyaki 7.00

Oyster baked in shell with house creamy sauce (2 pcs)

Soft Shell Crab 9.95

Tempura style soft shell crab

Tuna Tataki 13.50

Seared tuna with green onion & ponzu sauce

Dancing Prawns 8.00

6 pcs of deep fried prawns with panko, served with special sauce.

Soup & Salad スープ & サラダ

Miso Soup 2.00

Rice with sesame sauce 2.50

Goma-Ae 4.00

Spinach mixed with sesame sauce

Seaweed Salad 4.50

Sunomono Salad 5.50

Choice of shrimp, crab meat, octopus

Chicken Salad 10.95

Special Sunomono 7.00

Mix 3 kinds of seafood above

Rene Super Salad 9.50

Avocado, Organic Mixed Veggie 6.50

Fish Roe & Garlic Stir Fried Asparagus 7.95

Udon & Soba Noodle うどん / 蕎麦

Chicken Udon or Soba Soup 13.50

Beef Udon or Soba Soup 13.50

Tempura Udon or Soba Soup 12.00

Veggie Udon or Soba Soup 11.00

Nabeyaki Udon 14.50

Udon, chicken, seafood, veggie, egg in soup

Yaki Udon 14.50

Choice of chicken or beef

Ramen 14.50

Your choice of chicken or beef, fish cake, egg, corn, and bean sprouts in miso soup.

Donburi ご飯を作る

include miso soup

Oyako Don 15.00

Chicken teriyaki, egg, veggie on top of rice

Gyu Don 15.50

Beef teriyaki, egg, veggie on top of rice

Ten Don 13.50

Assorted tempura on top of rice

Unagi Don 18.50

Katsu Don 15.00

Breaded pork, egg, veggie on top of rice

Tuna & Salmon Don 17.00

Chirashi Sushi Don 23.50

Variety sashimi on top of rice

Nigiri Sushi にぎり寿司

Inari 1.40

Abacore Tuna (Maguro) 2.00

Wild Sockeye Salmon (Sake) 2.00

Cooked Shrimp (Ebi) 2.00

Surf Clam (Hokkigai) 2.00

Squid (Ika) 2.00

Mackerel (Saba) 2.00

Snapper (Tai) 2.00

Octopus (Tako) 2.00

Egg (Tamago) 2.00

Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko) 2.00

Smelt Roe (Masgo) 2.00

Salmon Roe (Ikura) 2.50

Scallop (Hotate) 2.50

Spicy Chop Scallop 2.50

Real Crab Meat (Kani) 2.50

Fatty Tuna (Toro) 2.50

Sweet Prawn (Amaebi) 2.75

Yellow Tail (Hamachi) 2.50

Red Hawaiian Tuna (Ahi) 2.50

Fresh Water Eel (Unagi) 2.50

Special Sushi 23.50

10 kinds of chef choice sushi and 6 pcs of hosomaki

Rolls 巻き

Hosomaki 5.00

Choice of salmon, tuna, avocado, or cucumber

Negitoro 5.50

Fatty tuna chop with green onion

Salmon & Avocado Roll 6.50

B.C Roll 6.00

B.b.q salmon skin teriyaki, cucumber

Yam & Avocado Roll 6.00

Yam tempura, cucumber

Veggie Roll 5.50

Avocado, cucumber, carrot, lettuce

Philly Roll 6.50

Philly cream cheese, smoke salmon, avocado

Spicy Roll 6.50

Choice of tuna, salmon, scallop

California Roll 6.50

Real crab meat, avocado, cucumber

Super Dynamite Roll 8.50

Prawn tempura, avocado, crab, cucumber, lettuce

B.B.Q. Eel & Avocado Roll 7.00

Spicy AST Roll 7.50

Spicy avocado, salmon, tuna

Prawn Tempura Roll 6.00

Prawn tempura, cucumber

Hanna Maki 7.50

Spicy scallop wrapped with sockeye salmon.

Spider Roll 9.50

Soft shell crab tempura, cucumber, lettuce

Special Spider Roll 13.50

Soft shell crab tempura, cucumber, lettuce

Pumpkin Dynamite Roll 7.00

Pumpkin, eel, avocado, and cucumber.

Dynamite Roll 8.00

Prawn tempura, eel, avocado, cucumber, lettuce

Futomaki 7.00

Egg, shitake mushroom, spinach, and cooked gourd (kanpyo).

Beef Teriyaki Roll 7.00

Tender top sirloin beef teriyaki with cucumber

Chicken Teriyaki Roll 7.00

Tasty chicken teriyaki, cucumber

Spicy Tuna & Avocado Roll 7.00

Tuna & Avocado Roll 6.00

Itami Special Rolls 巻き

Golden Yam Roll 13.50

Yam tempura, avocado, shredded yam, and sauce.

Bella Bella Roll 15.50

Spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber, spicy seared toro with nori komi rice seasoning on top.

Caterpillar Roll 13.50

Choice of spicy tuna or salmon or prawn or yam tempura with avocado and special sauce on top

Canuck Roll 14.50

Spicy real crab meat, cucumber, 5 kinds variety fish with avocado and spicy sauce on top

Phoenix Roll 14.50

Yam tempura roll, spicy tuna, salmon and avocado on top

Itami Roll 14.50

Imitation crab and avocado inside with spicy tuna and bonito flakes on top

Rock & California Roll 14.50

Spicy california roll with light deep fried batter special sauce on top

Cuke Maki 14.00

Imitation crab, egg, salmon, avocado wrap by cucumber

Mountain Roll 14.50

California roll, salmon & spicy imitation crab on top

Flamed Dragon Roll 16.50

Prawn tempura, cucumber with eel and avocado on top with teriyaki sauce

Alberta Cowboy Roll 14.50

Prawn tempura, asparagus, Alberta beef, and green onions.

Mango Roll 13.00

Eel, avocado, mango, and homemade sauce.

Dancing Scallop Roll 9.00

Spicy imitation crab, avocado, cucumber with lightly deep fried scallops and tobiko on top.

Canadian Lobster Roll 19.00

Asparagus, avocado, and lobster tempura.

Crazy Boy Roll 13.50

Deep fried spicy tuna and avocado roll.

Pacific Salmon Roll 14.50

Spicy rock crab meat, avocado, torch salmon with sauce.

Sashimi 刺身

Salmon Sashimi 14.00

Spicy Salmon Sashimi 15.00

Spicy Tuna Sashimi 7 pcs 14.00

Tuna Sashimi 7 pcs 13.00

Tuna & Salmon Sashimi 8 pcs 14.50

Hokkigai Sashimi 8 pcs 14.00

Fatty Tuna (Toro) Sashimi 15.00

Yellowtail (Hamachi) Sashimi 7pcs 16.00

Red Hawaiian Tuna (Ahi) Sashimi 7 pcs 17.00

Assorted Sashimi – 7 kinds of Chef’s choice 25.00

Itami Special Sashimi – 9 kinds of Chef’s choice 29.50


Combo A 43.50

Assorted tempura, California roll, prawn tempura roll, spicy tuna roll, tuna and salmon sashimi, two shrimp Sunomono, and two miso soups.

Combo B 64.50

California roll, yam and avocado roll, prawn tempura roll, Philly roll, tuna roll, salmon roll, avocado roll, five pieces of tuna nigiri, and five pieces of salmon nigiri.

Combo C 93.00

Assorted tempura, caterpillar roll, rock and California roll, special sashimi, ten pieces of nigiri, yam and avocado roll, four shrimp Sunomono, and four miso soups.

Dinner Entrees

All entrees include miso soup, green salad, rice, and bed of vegetables, served with ginger sauce.

Chicken Teriyaki 19.95

Yaki Shrimp 21.95

Beef Teriyaki 20.95

New York Steak 20.95

Scallop & Shrimp 25.95

Lobster Tail 23.50

Beef & Chicken Teriyaki 22.95

New York Steak & Shrimp 25.95

Salmon Teriyaki 20.95

Dessert デザート

New York Cheese Cake 6.00

Deep Fried Milk 4.50

– 4 years –

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